We think – and we implement.


We enjoy the excitement of learning and making things better, step by step, with value-generating solutions that we can be proud of together. This is how Gedankenfabrik works.

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Our Reinvention Journey

GEDANKENFABRIK has been shaped by its founders’ digital expertise and growth mindset. In anticipation of trends, we have been monitoring digital development in China, India, and the USA since 2013. Through our “1000 Thought Leaders” format, we’ve established a think tank where innovation experts can collaborate across disciplines. With our “Educated Decision-Maker” approach, we predicted the consequences of exponential technological progress for markets and society years in advance. Reinvention is a core principle we live by to remain at the forefront of intelligent transformation. Our mantra is learning by doing. Hence, we created the AI Playground to fully immerse ourselves in new technologies. AI is the driving force behind everything we do, and “Everything+AI” stands as our guiding principle.

The New Customer Phenomenon

Discover ‘The New Customer Phenomenon’ on our website, where we explore the gradual transformation of consumers into Educated Decision-Makers (EDMs) over recent years. Learn how ongoing technological advancements have empowered individuals to become more informed and active in their decision-making processes, changing the way they engage with the world.


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Everything + AI

Digital Upskilling

Design Sprints

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Trend Research


Learning Journeys

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