Our team of thinkers, doers and creators has wide-ranging experience and expertise and relies on a constant exchange of ideas to inspire each other with new ideas, to learn from each other and to then convey this know-how and spirit to our customers.

Gedankenfabrik reinvention as a guiding principle
  • Karl Krainer

    Karl, Chief Thinker (CEO and founder) of Gedankenfabrik, combines vast pre-digital experience at FMCG companies, such as P&G and Coca-Cola, with digital experience gained in leading positions at eBay, Google and several start-ups (Dealtime, Seatwave, Karl is the author of “The Educated Decision-Maker”, a start-up mentor, and the founder of the “1000Vordenker” network and a thought-leader in reinvention. He regularly travels to China, Israel and the USA, to analyse innovations and consumer behavior that might have a great impact on the future of intelligent transformation.

  • David Fauck

    David’s DNA is digital. As a founding member and Digital Transformation Officer of Gedankenfabrik, he helps companies to actively shape their transformation journey and to generate sustainable growth. Employing 15+ years international expertise in the field of digital marketing and transformation, he navigates companies through the five dimensions of the Reinvention Principle. In doing so, he creates the crucial links between radical customer focus, strategic product development and digital innovation.

  • Aaron Frank

    As a Lead AI Engineer and Transformation Consultant, Aaron specializes in finding the perfect solutions for digital products and services. With extensive enterprise experience in emerging Technologies – including Cloud-native architecture, Web3 Smart Contracts, Machine Learning, and Generative AI – Aaron enables companies to achieve an optimal problem-solution fit. After supporting 12 startups, he deployed his knowledge and experience to bridge the technical gap from customer-centric design to strategic implementation. After six years abroad, including his Computer Science and Media Arts studies in Canada, Aaron returned to his hometown, Hamburg. His globetrotting has seen him travel to over 45 countries, where he has gained invaluable cultural insights and people skills.

  • Jana Ahlers
    Jana Ahlers photo, employee of Gedankenfabrik reinvention consultancy

    As a Marketing and Digital Transformation Consultant, Jana develops content strategies and frameworks, and reinvents brands. She has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing/Technical Business Administration. This combination enables her to drive transformation projects with a holistic perspective. She is particularly interested in design and digital branding projects, and a strong believer in the power of brands and Conversational Marketing.

  • Prof. Dr. Ute Rademacher

    Ute is our Consumer Experience Officer, building connections between people and digital products and strategies. As a professor for business psychology, she holds 20 years of experience in qualitative-psychological marketing research, which she gained working for international institutes such as sinus, Research International and Ipsos. She is passionate about workshopping analytical customer insights with her clients, helping them to achieve a real impact on their customer understanding and daily business.

  • Oliver Neu
    Oliver Neu photo, employee of Gedankenfabrik reinvention consultancy

    As a Digital Product Strategist, Oliver applies his expertise in the implementation of product discovery, product management and innovation processes. After co-founding a social business and working for a technology start-up in Yangon, Myanmar, he moved to Germany where he has since worked with various companies across a number of industries. Whether it is helping teams to build digital products from first idea to market launch or to implement user-centric and hypothesis-driven product management processes – changing the way digital products are built.

  • Maksym Hospodynchyk
    Maksym Hospodynchyk photo, employee of Gedankenfabrik reinvention consultancy

    As a Communication and Design Consultant, Maksym is responsible for the visual part of communication. His education in art and design allows him to create visuals that quickly convey information to the audience. His second degree in marketing and business administration allows him to combine creative ideas with the business’s strategic vision.

  • Elena Nagel
    Elena Nagel photo, employee of Gedankenfabrik reinvention consultancy

    As a Digital Transformation Consultant, Elena uses her strategic and solution-oriented thinking to advance number and data-driven projects. Her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Law (Corporate and Business Law) endows her with a holistic analytical understanding. Elena creates virtual global events and workshops for our customers. Furthermore, she supports 1000Vordenker forward-thinking events and manages the thought-leadership community.

  • Martin Schmoll
    Martin Schmoll photo, employee of Gedankenfabrik reinvention consultancy

    Martin develops creative strategic solutions with people and machines. As our Chief Data and Transformation Strategist, he synergises analytical foresight with creative techniques to help people make better decisions, improve efficiency in operations, and to transform plain vanilla companies into data-driven smart businesses. Having gained experience in China, the Middle East and Europe, he draws on global inspiration to incorporate a vast array of approaches into his solutions.

  • Christiane Gillissen

    As a Future Scout, Christiane has been on the lookout for new trends and technologies that are transforming the status quo of our (working) life for many years. She likes to describe herself as a “digital tourist” and is guided by curiosity and serendipity when she goes in search of inspiration for us at conferences around the world. It is important to her to place the digital transformation in a cultural context so that people always remain at the core. Christiane is a communications specialist and has an additional qualification in Sustainable Business Transformation.

  • Anton Zimmermann
    Anton Zimmermann photo, employee of Gedankenfabrik reinvention consultancy

    As an Emerging Technology Consultant, Anton has been a longstanding companion to Gedankenfabrik since 2014. During this time, he completed his bachelor’s degree in Communication, Culture and Management at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen and has lived in South Korea, Tokyo and London. He is shaped by a deep and holistic understanding of technological developments, trends, and working tools and spends way too much time on music digging in his free time.

  • Abdel Rahman Aboneda
    Abdel Rahman Aboneda photo, an employee of Gedankenfabrik reinvention consultancy

    Abdel is a full-stack developer with over three years of experience building AI SaaS applications. He has a strong background in Python, React, and Next.js, complemented by a Master of Mechatronics Engineering. He specializes in building and tuning AI models using PyTorch and has considerable experience with AI tools such as Langchain, OpenAI, and Hugging Face. His diverse skill set and expertise make him a valuable asset in the development of cutting-edge AI solutions.


Are you someone with creative and courageous ideas who values lifelong learning? If so, we invite you to join our team and help our clients succeed in their journey towards intelligent transformation. Our office is located in the heart of Hamburg and is equipped with modern tools and technologies, including VR glasses.

Team of Gedankenfabrik on the ADA Festival in Berlin